​​​​​Carbon Fiber Overlays

 ​​​We offer many decorative carbon fiber services: 

Most carbon fiber overlays are done using cheap polyester resin, which shrinks, yellows, and cracks easily...not ours. Not all epoxy is they same. The epoxy we use is far superior when quality matters.

Our part and entire car body overlays are done by hand using the highest quality crystal clear epoxy resins with UV stabilizer. Epoxy is brushed on in multiple layers and then sanded smooth.  Parts are then sprayed with high quality automotive clear coating, which gives the best possible protection from the sun.

Countless weave patterns, colors, and materials are available for overlay.

Thorough body work and prep work before overlays on fiberglass, steel, carbon fiber insures quality results and strong adhesion over time.

There is a $200 minimum charge on overlays, which will require a deposit and full payment before delivery. Turn around time depends on each project.


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​Carbon Fiber Fabrication, Carbon Fiber Repair

​Carbon Fiber Fabrication, Carbon Fiber Repair