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​Carbon Fiber Fabrication, Carbon Fiber Repair

​Carbon Fiber Fabrication, Carbon Fiber Repair

​​​​Custom Carbon Fiber Repairs for Cars, Racecars and More, in Los Angeles.

 ​​​We specialize in the following: 

PAN carbon fiber, PITCH carbon fiber, Aramids, fiberglass and aviation core structures are the basis of our quality custom carbon fiber and custom hybrid composite parts and repairs. Our attention to detail and craftmanship, combined with 25 years experience, make for structural or decorative repairs that will last.

Yacht and boat hull repair and paint, transom repair, custom parts and installations.

Repairs using epoxies and resins that range in flexibility to fit the job.

Repairs are vacuum bagged, unless otherwise specified, for ultimate strength.

Each repair is unique and will depend on the damage. Please include several photos of any repair for an initial quote.

Repairs can be paint matched to original or clear coated with UV protection for decorative repairs.

There is a $200 minimum charge on repairs, which will require a deposit and full payment before delivery. Turn around time depends on each project.

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