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​Carbon Fiber Fabrication, Carbon Fiber Repair

​Carbon Fiber Fabrication, Carbon Fiber Repair

Devils with frosted finish

Skulls with gloss finish

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Skulls with frosted finish

Whether in a Lallique-like matte finish, or shiny clear finish, Lange Concepts  themed lighting turns heads. These unique lights are a new product developed by the artist and Industrial Designer  himself, Joshua Lange. These durable lights are hand sculpted from clay then cast in a special mold with either hand poured urethane or leaded crystal. The end result is a solid piece of original sculpture that is not just a light, it's a piece of art. The attention grabbing motifs and astonishing finish on these lights also enhance your safety because of their high visibility. Customize your custom by choosing your color, finish, bulb, and assembly and stand out from the pack with Lange Concepts Lighting. These aftermarket lights are a great option for Harley-Davidson motorcycles*, other motorcycles, and hot rods. All lights are hand signed by the artist, and made in America with pride. Custom design runs also available. 

*Direct fit for Harley Davidson 2 3/8" and 3 1/4" buckets. Harley-Davidson is a registered trademark of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles and the name is used here for reference purposes only. No ownership of the name is implied or intended.

Devils with gloss finish

Real Deal LightingTM-  Artistic sculptural lighting hand made in the USA 

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Lights will fit either the stock snap fit 2 3/8" bullet style OR the stock 3 1/4" flat screw-in lens bucket for Harley-Davidsons. The 3 1/4 " inch lens is sold as an assembly of an outer ring and inner lens. Choose your ring color and surface texture to customise even further. The assembly does not come apart and is assembled at the factory. The ring turns to allow installation in any configuration.