Lange Concepts’s LCIII Spider will be featured in 2016 at The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering, as a fusion of vintage Italian styling and American muscle. A combination used since post WWII days by Scaglietti, Pininfarina, Fantuzzi and Tom Meade. Lange’s inspiration for the build was to pay homage to those who started the tradition of building racecars by hand. The design showcases what Lange learned from working with Meade, who was mentored by The Maestro, Medardo Fantuzzi. The LCIII Spider features an entirely unique body of aerospace carbon fiber, flowing lines and endless curves, and thus timeless design, as Fantuzzi taught Meade in the sixties. Lange’s Thomassima IIII build and other aspects of the LCIII Spider were privately unveiled to Jim Glickenhaus in the Cypress Room of the Lodge at Pebble Beach in 2014. 

LCIII Spider one-off aerospace carbon fiber bodied supercar


Bespoke Carbon Fiber Design and Fabrication​


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